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Originally Posted by old_tv_nut View Post
Regarding depth of field, I can testify from personal experience with the early HD cameras that accurate focus on a 7 inch viewfinder was nearly impossible.
Similar experiences here in Germany. Suddenly "focus on the eyes" was relevant to TV studio production and frequently it could be seen, for those looking closely, how operators had to struggle on air until they got it.

Originally Posted by old_tv_nut View Post
Cinematographers, however [...]
"For a long time, it's been common for camera crew used to drama, commercials and features to take a slightly superior attitude to people who work in live television." ...

And thank you also for your notes about IO colour cameras, they explained some observations I already made. Is it a correct impression that for these productions it was a strict rule to avoid any haloing, thus any lights and reflections in the picture?
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