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The 1963 RCA catalog says that the high end 4.5 inch TK-60 A had both an orbiter and a stabilizer that corrected the image wander due to the orbiting. It says the rate was 1 RPM. The clip you posted has a compensated orbiter, but its rate seems to be faster than 1 rpm. I'm not sure how an orbiter and compensator that are both magnetic works, but it may have something to do with the 4.5 inch IO tube in particular. The info on the 3 inch TK-14 says it has an orbiter, but does not say it is compensated, only that it's not noticeable.

The TK-41 color camera had an uncompensated optical orbiter, and I recall seeing the slow drift with respect to the background on a program that used chroma key to overlay some performers over a separate background. During the scene, the cameras were apparently locked down, but of course the two orbiters were not synchronized. If the performers were moving throughout the scene, you could not notice it, but as there was stationary foreground content, it was noticeable. The TK-41 orbiters were much slower than the example you posted, and I believe were 1 rpm as stated in the catalog.
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