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In the SD sequences, you are seeing a combination of lighting and transient response (the speaker at the podium) or just mainly transient response (video detail peaking and video tape phase response) in the musical sequence. In the HD test scenes, I see very little of these effects, mainly just an increase in detail.

While I was working as an engineer for a TV maker, we had an independent inventor try to sell us on using his patent for a 3-D bas-relief effect. It was simply a phase distorting circuit that put an opposite phase smear to the right of everything (a white area on the right edge of black objects and a black area on the right edge of light objects).

We rejected the idea, as it was really a phony effect that you would get tired of quickly; plus it obscured some details while enhancing others; plus, manufacturers worked hard to eliminate this effect when it occurred due to phase delay in the IF circuits; plus it was something that should have been rejected by the patent office as obvious to skilled practitioners.
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