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OK, this went quicker than I expected. It was right on top and indeed is the Triad Y-41, 90 degree deflection yoke with a 24 Ohm horizontal winding and a 39 Ohm vertical winding. Leads are included. This is new/old stock and YES the plastic cover that I've seen fall to shreds on many old sets is in mint condition. Unit is in original carton and packing material. The inside diameter looks like it's for a 1950s black and white.

Just contact me via email and we will work something out. Oh, and if it happens to be for a late 50s Zenith set, I may have a good used one also. I'll need the shipping location to get an estimate at the USPS. I don't get online every chance like some folks, but I will try to bump up my email checks a bit to make this happen if it's a work in progress. Thanks for the interest!
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