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Alright I found the focus problem. I spent a good amount of time today going through all the voltage checks - and many of them (~25%) are WAY out of whack. So I sat back and did some thinking, and it occurred to me that I should just do what I originally wanted to do - investigate the focus circuit.

I disconnected the focus pot and big resistor that comes off of it. The resistor is in spec, but I found the pot was open from one end to the other. I took the pot off the chassis, and cracked it open and immediately could smell it was fried. It's still stinking up my room, my god, it's so pungent. If you look at the pic, you can actually see the bit of wire that broke and is now rubbing on the... turn-y thingy.

So there's that. Apparently, my adding a resistor across the pot was actually completing a previously open circuit, and that's why the focus would work properly then.

New thingy is on its way from fleabay already.

This just leaves me with the H linearity problem and hopefully this new pot will bring all the voltages in line, because some of them are really far off.
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