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Things to consider: Current through the coil often matters more than voltage. Most decade boxes use half watt resistors. The average focus coil can handle most or all the B+ current through them so the focus pot often is/needs to be a 10-25 watt resistor to handle the power...If you put a half watt resistor big enough to significantly effect the control in parallel with it, then odds are that resistor is going to see several times it's rating and burn open......
Some time ago I found a sencore 'Big 20' which is a decade box made with 20 watt resistors...It is situations like this and power supply work where that box really shines.

Check your decade box is in spec on the setting(s) you used, and if the setting you were using is out of tolerance/open replace the one in the box, and get a 20W unit the same resistance to use in the TV.
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