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"Turning the brightness down improves the clarity of the image, but even with the lights off in the room, the image would be too dark (and have too poor a contrast) at a level of brightness that produces a clear enough image. On the other hand, with the brightness all the way up, though the image is blurry, the screen is pretty damn bright. So... the crt is good, I guess?"

Pretty good indication of a weak CRT... yes you can turn up the grid drive and get a fairly bright image but not good focus, as the "sweet spot" (center) of the cathode is depleted... when you turn up the drive, you are drawing more electrons from off center areas, this is not conducive to good focus. Hopefully, the cathode will improve as you run it longer, or perhaps try to re-activate by running the heater at increased voltage (like 7 to 8 volts) for a few hours.

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