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My first buggie, 73 mustang with 351C was much louder once I put on a 7200VV from
Ford, but with lower top speed.... The noise did not represent any kind of power....
It was just intake noise....

Anyway EM Good luck with the yacht.... It sure is a beauty.....
Whoever had it took good care of it for ya-
Like those Audi commercials "I'm gunna own that car after you."
Someone put in a good word for the second owner of your car...

By the way.... Keep those old hub caps if you get the others you want. I did not care
too much for stock '89 Prelude hub caps when I got my second car, but now that I have
seen a few in "original" shape, with the factory covers, they are more sharp looking
now in that "retro" rear view mirror..... Again good luck, and happy boating....

Yes you can call me "Squirrel boy"

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