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"Its Evidental, I LOVE my Continental"... Altho I prefer the ones w/the funny doors, the LAST series of Jumbotron Lincolns had a certain charm to them, as well. "Pickups w/Tuxedos"... Very apt description. My '67 Pervertable Sedan, the suspension components on it CERTAINLY would NOT look out of place on a modern F-350 tonne Super Duty... There's enuff metal in the HOODS of these things to hammer out a couple, maybe 3, Smart Cars.. Modern motors really don't impress too much-Sure, they're getting 2, 3X the horsepower that these emissions strangled 400s & 460s put out.... But they have to run RPMs that sound like they're SCREAMING to do it, & one suspects the old mastodons were HIGHLY underrated-You want MORE power, Jasper ? No problem, just stomp on the "Loud" pedal a little harder.... We'll handle the rest..
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