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Bought my first car this week!

My internship this summer proved fairly lucrative so I decided to put the bulk of my earnings in to finally getting a car of my own. My radio silence for the last ~month was my way of squeezing enough time out of the busy schedule my college classes demand to do some car shopping.

While I'd have preferred to buy something from the 40's or 50's the only options in my budget would have either been complete basket cases or would have left me with no gas/insurance money. So I went with (to me) the most appealing available car in my budget a 1978 Lincoln Continental Mark V.

With just under 58K on the clock of the 460ci(7.5L) V8 it runs quite well, and the interior is in good shape. It is quite interesting getting the hang of driving such a large car. It has a lot of nice options: sun roof, heated side mirrors, full power seats, vanity mirrors in the sun flaps, digital miles to empty gauge (a historically interesting feature), auto dimming brights (the last two could use some work). One option it does not have that I wish it did was the optional Quardasonic 8 track radio option....Although in researching it I found that a stereo 8 track car radio without any makers marks I have had kicking around for several years was actually one of the factory options for the next model year, and now I'm seriously considering installing it (if I don't buy one of the quad units). If I keep it more than a year I'm probably going to have the vinyl top replaced and the body repainted as the paint is a bit worn in places and there is some surface rust forming at the bottom edge of the vinyl (which is especially bad on the passenger side).

It was built in October of 1977 so there is a 1/21 chance it was built exactly 14 years before I was born (assuming a 5 day work week).

There is something about late 70's Lincolns I've always liked. They have a sort of anachronistic opulence that in the case of the Mark V mixes with muscle car and pimp mobile vibes in ways no other car could pull off half as well.
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