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Sony kv 4100

My dad wants me to sell everything
I am looking into buying a house from a friend
Of my dads.

For sale my sony kv 4100

It is in great cosmetic shape

2 little scratches on the side

There is a tiny little bit of tape residue
On the top that wd40 should get rid of

Very pretty tv

The micro cassette fast forwards and rewinds
I do not have a micro cassette so i do not know
If it plays.

The antenna is original and perfect

The am/fm stereo works great

The tv works great has a nice picture
It picks up a low power station
Wb32 on ch 5

I am thinking $100 obo + shipping
Or it can be picked up in gresham oregon
97080 or i can deliver if you are close

I will take some pictures and post them if this thread
Does not get deleted and if i can figure out how to post

I may list it on craigslist/ebay or just keep it an hide a dtv box near it
It is small and kool looking
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