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FYI I'm putting direct links to my images below the img tagged ones because after two months I am still not getting complaints from anyone about if they are just seeing the "bandwidth exceeded" notice from Photobucket.

Cleaned and reinstalled the central column today. The chains and bearings were oiled and work much better now. The motors for the fans are good and likewise the motor and gearbox for the chains sounds excellent.

I also started addressing the torque coupling for the motor shaft. At one point there was a tri-wing rubber insert that was part of the three-piece linkage but at some point it had presumably failed so the coupling was taped together. Likewise the cotter pins had gone missing and were replaced with nails. One came out with a hammer but the other had to be drilled out before I could install new cotter pins. The bottom half of the coupling is also apparently press fitted into a steel sleeve as it looks like it had started to split. This coupling really needs to be replaced if I could find a replacement.

There was also this switch at the bottom next to the thermostat. It is some sort of Health and Safety interlock component that when you turn to the 9 o-clock position winds a 30 minute timer and presses in a switch. When the counter returns to zero the switch releases but a thermostat holds the switch closed until the temperature rises above a set limit, at which point the switch releases and something somewhere in the vending machine shuts down.
When I got the machine it had been disconnected and bypassed. I found that the timer was not running until I flooded it with sewing machine oil and blew the excess out, then I could get that portion to work. The switch part also seemed good and the thermostat also seemed to function when I hung the assembly out of a freezer so indeed if the vending machine gets too warm it does...something.

I also found that I had forgotten to paint one of the components and good thing I did not. It had a partial schematic on it!

It's extremely hard to make out anything but I can clearly see the 13 doors and the plugboard for setting the prices, so this was probably the in-machine reference so you could rewire the doors for different values.
That in mind I sure hope you turned the machine off first. I've all but confirmed that the ENTIRE VENDING MACHINE OPERATES AT 120V AC. Lots of places in here to get zapped.

Finally because it's getting late in the year I rehung the door for now and checked some of the clearances. There is now very much signs that I am halfway done. The door is the last bit to finish and if I'm lucky I can get a good handle on that before the snow falls, then unfortunately the machine needs to be tarped up and moved so the car park can be used for the winter.

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