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Originally Posted by tvcollector View Post
My mother is doing fine, she had the cyberknife done for the brain part.. She will need surgery done to remove 30 to 40 % of her right lung removed and probably chemotherapy.. This is all due to her smoking for over 40 years.. I can say this Saturday was the worst day in my life.. I woke up to my mother's sisters (My aunt basically taking everything I own TV and ceiling fan wise and throwing them in a small room of the house and out into the driveway.. The Maganavox chassis that I was currently working on, chassis part is at daves but they ended up bumping the pic tube into the wall or doorway as some of the pins on the pictube are bent.. I haven't even tested the pictube yet.. But anyways I should have called the police on them and had them arrested for invading like that.. They woke me up screaming at me as I'm not doing anything to help my mother... When they are only worried about TVs being in the way when she need to be in health insurance and SSI now which they did not bother to look into.. Everything is a mess and I feel like driving until my car untill it can't drive anymore..

she was released from the hospital today... But she id going to do follow ups with surgery..

If he lives in Orlando, he's only a three hour drive, and there' other stuff I can give him...
Good to hear that your ma is hanging in there.

If your aunts do not have power of attorney or similar, then in your shoes, I WOULD have called the police if they did not cease and desist their meddling and leave the house with a reasonable amount of verbal warning....Also I (and many others) can be a very unpleasant person when awoken, especially if it is to an argument or verbal abuse, and anyone who I'm not used to being woken up by/around daily would be lucky not to get a heavy blunt object reflexively hurled at them before I would be awake enough to ascertain identity in that kind of situation.
That would put those aunts at the top of my sh!t list for life. If I were you I'd change the locks and excommunicate those aunts (let them know nothing, have no contact not thru email, and refuse to attend family functions that they attend other than weddings and funerals (I'm related to some real sh!ts and that has become a family policy my parents and I have towards most of my parents' family)).
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