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Radio Shack RS-16-127 TV - Info?

First post here.

Almost all of my hobbyist repair work has been on tube test equipment and radios. I also have some older (50's vintage) TV's that I plan to work on someday (after I get a little more experience with repairing simpler circuits).

Before getting into "the glow" I dabbled in making my own boards, building little circuits etc. Still do actually.

To the point:

I picked up a little Radio Shack TV 4-1/2" B&W TV recently. It's in near perfect condition inside and out. There are a couple of electrolytic caps that look like they have upchucked their innards and I'm going to replace them before I power it up. I may replace them all. Idk... I'm not sure how long an electrolytic cap will last. I recently replaced four Ecaps in a little Westinghouse H-841P6 and that greatly improved it's ability to receive stations so my thought it that it would be helpful to replace them in the TV. I think the radio is a 1963 vintage. I'm not sure when the little TV was sold. There are a lot of Ecaps in the little TV though. Opinions on this are welcome and will be appreciated.

Does anyone have an idea where I can find a schematic and/or service info for a Model RS 16-127 TV? The CRT is a QPH20-90-NO1A.

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