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Hello to all,

Hi Matt !

The ETF CRT sunday morning meeting not having being televised, i knew nothing about what had been decided there.

The creation of this new VK dedicated Forum and the other actions described by Matt are therefore a very pleasant surprise. In a way, it's the embodiement of suggestions i've discussed privately with several VK members as a follow-up of how to make the project gain momentum after Nick's training trip to RACS in June 2012.

In addition to what has been proposed, i feel 2 other actions would help:

- once a summary has been written and the necessary funds estimated, present the project on the KickStarter site to gain awareness, popularity and funds:

- Create a PowerPoint presentation + buy a light business projector to be able to go and meet interested parties to present the project and gain interest & funds. If a fundraiser is decided, i'm willing to pitch in to purchase the projector.

1) Raising funds: will the CRT project be funded through the ETF or will it be a separate company, a non-profit organization or a regular commercial operation?

2) RACS in France will probably be off-loading CRT rebuilding gear (downscaling) maybe as soon as July 2013. The equipment would be sold at the price of scrap metal, i.e. Dimes on the Dollar.

Would the project be interested in some of this gear?
It would include ovens (electric and gas - Hydrogen/Oxygen), vacuum pumps, screen-depositing stations, aluminization stations, test electronics (Low & High voltage generators, raster generators,...) gun welding gear, Getter-flashing bombarders.
Also NOS parts: guns, filaments, cathodes, getters, phosphors & associated chemicals. Also some raw CRT glass of various screen sizes & gun length.

Nick who worked with all this gear while in France can give precious advice about what seems the most interesting to salvage.

If there is interest, the volume must be assessed and then the cost of shipping it to Hilliard.

Disclaimer: As will all my past activities with RACS over the last 5 years, i have absolutely no commercial incentive to do any of this, it's all volunteer work and it's all free. I will also pitch in with some funds to make it happen.

While waiting for feedback/comments/suggestions,

Best Regards
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