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Further Considerations:

I haven't even mentioned the display. Amber on black provides great contrast indoors, so that even my poor, tired vision can read the very small print. Funny how good contrast can make small characters readable. I have read that it doesn't fare as well outdoors, though I do think I also recall reading that outdoor visibility was since improved by adding a slight bluish tint - or was that a different radio? I think it was this one. At any rate, the display presents a wealth of information that is easily readable, at least indoors. I especially like the SS vertical bar-graph 'meter' which comes in very handy in conjunction with the tuned loop. Love the display and the ability to set low, medium and high 'dimming' settings as well as 'Off."

What I like about the display is the wealth of information available simultaneously. I have its display light set to dim as I type this, listening to headphones. A glance tells me that I'm listening to an Oldies station with RDS at 92.5 Mhz with Signal Strength maxed at 9, batteries in good condition, time 08:42 AM, in Weekday mode with today being Tues (which is '2' in display), that the station is stored in memory, and that I am in Slow tuning mode.

I can further find more RDS info (if available, which this station offers a lot) with a touch of that button, and choose whether I want to leave Stereo/Mono, ie "STEREO" in the display or "OLDIES" but since it is obvious by the sound that the radio is receiving good, clean stereo, I choose to leave the RDS info. A quick button press will inform me of stereo or mono info if I am in doubt. Another quick button press tells me the Page # and position in Memory for this station, which I could also choose to leave displayed rather than RDS, but, thanks, no, I press again and it reverts to RDS info. There are 100 pages of memory at 7 stations/page for a total of 700 memory slots, so I guess if one is a multi-time zone jet-setter... I don't know. I think I have enough memory.

The bad news is the operator's manual. [Okay, I deleted negative content here because I'm stoopid, and did not look over the manual as well as I should have, instead foolishly believing negative comments I read elsewhere. The manual is better than I'd been lead to believe.]

jr tech - You did see my disclaimers about being a noob, and all that right? Hope you like yours, too.

Did I mention how much I love this little radio? Sliced bread, man, sliced bread.

EDIT, ADDENDUM: Jay, of JayAllenRadio, says his EP outperforms his Sat. Makes me wonder if my EP isn't quite up to par, but since it does hear a lot of distant stations - I don't know. Could be conditions at my location favor the Sat - terrain or whatever. Or it could be that in my home with its noisy devices, the Sat is somehow favored. Hopefully I will find the chance to get away from power lines and plasma TVs and so forth, to a quieter environment for a less noisy comparison. However, in my location, with my two specimens, the Sat hears better.
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