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Originally Posted by Eric H View Post
Opened it up tonight and tweaked the screens a bit, it didn't take much, plenty of range left. Touched up the focus also and sprayed some Deoxit in the controls, well actually sprayed Deoxit at the controls, they are kind of buried so I just had to spray and hope for the best, it seemed to work as they got easier to turn.

This thing is really well built, old school quality and packed like a can of Sardines. One of those sets you don't really want to take too far apart because you'd never get it back together again.

The CRT has an Orion label, possibly the manufacturer of the entire set?

I also sprayed the cabinet cover down with some 409, it's cleaner now, I think some of the film was corroded battery funk, there was some on the screen cover too but it wiped right off with water.

The movie is widescreen DVD of Midway, not a good choice to demo a 5" set.
I'm glad that you got it up and running.Oops my bad.I thought it was a B/W set at first.What mod no# is it.I have the TMK 755 set here I bought new in 1985 .
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