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I've played all those games, reading that article was a mix of laughter and remembering why I hated school as a kid (I always had the older consoles).

I still like a good game of Pong now and then, I have Video Olympics towards the front of my 2600 collection for that reason.

Donkey Kong, apparently they did not get the kids to play the 2600 version. It was fun when you did not read the manual to come up with a new plot. I made up my own back story of Super Mario having to fight a man made of Poo who throws atomic cookies at you after taking the waitress hostage. Then, in level two, Mr. Hankey's cousin has you fight through a construction site infested with ducks. LOL

The disturbing part was all those kids speaking of needing an AK47 to take out Koopa Troopas or drowining hookers, or whatever....the even more disturbing part was this was where I saw everything heading even from a young age...and I don't like that.

Duck Hunt does not work but on a CRT TV because LCD's and maybe Green phosphor CRTS might not make the square bright enough as an additional caveat. An old cheat at Duck Hunt was to point the Zapper at a lamp and "shoot" at it. Perfect hit every time (until the light sensor in the Zapper gave out from the extreme brightness of the light bulb). Duck Hunt is one of the bigger reasons for repairing/rebuilding my 80's Mitsubishi (Atari is another one).
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