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I'm not sure why really.....but I could not get the gun to work on anything but a CRT color set. I'm not sure if I ever tried a B/W set, since all my sets are "micro".

A little 13" LCD wouldn't work....and even the much higher contrast 60" Samsung wouldn't do it either. Of course the game itself shows up fine....just no gun. I even tried a DLP projector on a big 110" draper screen...still no go (And those ducks were BIG :-P )

MAME...and all those classic arcade games look and play okay on anything, but I do prefer to use a good 'ol fashion CRT monitor and I use the "-scanlines" switch to keep it looking like the old Sanyo monitor I pulled out of the Donkey Kong cabinet.
My current "holy grail" is trying to get enough parts together to get a Singer TV6U going. Been kicking my ass for nearly a year now :-P
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