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Yes, I believe the Sears is a Toshiba. Works, previous owner was a heavy smoker so it might smell a little when warmed up? (at least I don't think he owned it very long) The Airlines are Taiwanese Admirals, as I recall. One is pretty rough. I've shipped a portacolor before, and lots of other heavy/awkward stuff. What has burnt me on it is spending over an hour dragging out the biggest box I've got, and big bundles of bubble wrap, then the right size secondary box, and trying to get it all together the right size, then finding out the thing is oversize, or will cost twice as much as the potential buyer wants to spend. I just don't feel like doing that right now. But, if somebody really wanted me to I could get a set to a pack and ship place. I did that once, worst thing about it was I had to hang around for the better part of an hour while they confirmed everything. I'd read good things about shipping through Fastenal, and that might be a good option.

I do have a lot of photos on photobucket, they just need organizing. Editing pics on that site just seems so bulky, even though my connection is pretty decent.
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