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Originally Posted by bgadow View Post
I haven't begged in a while, so here I go: a bunch of my collection needs to go. No, I'm not in trouble (financial or otherwise), I just have too many TV's and radios. IMPORTANT! I will not ship any of these. Oh, I may tell you I'll try and get a price together for you but I've learned this about myself, I'm just not going to ever get around to doing it! So, plan a roadtrip. I'm not in the middle of nowhere, just the middle of the Delmarva peninsula. (okay, some might say that's the same thing!) Some prices more negotiable than others, quantity discounts may apply, etc, etc.

Color roundies:
CTC-11, woodgrain metal floor model easily convertible to table model. Working, needs a minor repair, crt is just so-so. $200
CTC-12, wood/masonite console. Working, crt is fair, has had cataract surgery. $200
CTC-15, actually one of my favorite sets with a nice wood cabinet. Good crt, has had surgery, works well. Not in a rush to sell, but $250 will take it.

Color rectangular:
Sylvania 23v, gray metal cabinet, missing original tuner cluster. I have had it working somewhat. Good crt. $20
RCA 23v console, can't remember for sure but I think it's a CTC-25. I've had this halfway working but then something in the HV went kerplewey. This could be a nice one. $40
Zenith 23v console, about '70 or '71. Worked as found, could use a once-over. Cabinet just fair. Given to me by a friend, whose parents bought it new. I would give this to someone for free, provided it went to very good home.
Airline 23v combo, built by Muntz. Working but will need lots of tweaking. A monster, cabinet fair. $20
DuMont 23v wood table model, among the last Emerson built sets. Very low hours, works well. Another set I'm not in a hurry to get rid of. Might take a nicely engraved print of Ben Franklin in exchange for it.

Smaller color sets:
Lots of hybrids including 12" from Wards & Sears, 15" RCA, 18" RCA & GE, a couple 19" 4-tube Zeniths, a 19" System 3. Prices range from free to around $20 or so. Nice Sylvania 21" table model, good picture, needs minor repair, $40 would be nice. Motorola 21" tube color set, cabinet kinda rough, works. $35

Early B/W:
GE Locomotive with rough cabinet, pretty sure the crt tested good. $65
Pair of late 50s Zenith portables, one recapped and working for $50, the other untested for $35
RCA 8-T-243, decent crt, otherwise untested, no knobs. $65
Philco Seventeener, cabinet a little rough, not a Predicta donor. Very cheap.
Admiral 10" bakelite console, good overall but has a scratch across the top. Was working well but didn't come up when I tried it the other day. $250
Admiral 12" wood console, untested, $50
Admiral bakelite table model, rectangular around 15", works decent, cabinet very scratched. $35
Andrea 16" bw roundie console, cabinet needs refinishing, works. $40
Philco 16" bw roundie metal table model from '51, works well. $80
Zenith 12" porthole without cabinet, good all glass crt. $50
Emerson 21" table model, rough cabinet, works, crt is shot but a good used one will be included, $30
Zenith 21" Space Command console from late 50s, worked last time I tried it. CRT may be on the soft side but I'm not sure. Comes with remote but the wrong one (still works, though). $45
Zenith 21" Flash Matic, nice cabinet, good replacement crt, works decently. Includes remote-I know these sell big on ebay so if you want it you MUST take it all. NOT cheap, ask if serious.
Sylvania Halolite, c.1953, blonde console, untested. Does have a good light. $50
Zenith console from around 1970, works, needs vertical tweaking, $30.
Magnavox 19" bw portable from mid-70s, solid state, needs caps. Cheap.

Show up and I'll probably find more stuff. Also tons of radios. If you're serious about driving over here, drop me a line.

I have an awesome co-worker who owns a beach-house that might be in your vicinity during his trips to and from... I honestly don't remember if he's out on the peninsula or the mainland, though. I'll be asking him tomorrow for sure! I don't see anything Motorola B&W on your list... Are there some in hiding by chance? The Zenith porthole interests me, if my co-worker does pass nearby.

That made by Muntz for Airline / Monty Ward color unit scares me to the very core of my being! Someone far braver or more masochistic than I am can have that one.
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