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Before I shuffle off this mortal coil-Or to Buffalo, whichever comes 1st, I'd LOVE to have a 1950 Zenith 12" leather-covered porthole tabletop set-Working, of course...I'd also like to get my '65 Zenith color Roundie working again, & get all my TVs back from Terry's...A few other things-Some sort of cable/antenna device that would allow me to have more than 2 or 3 sets working at a time, a 30-40' tower to mount my Winegard FM antenna atop, a GOOD "rotaterator" & antenna distribution device for IT, as I have an ICOM R-7000, 2 Nems Clarke UHF/FM receivers, a Hallicrafters SX-62A, & my Yamaha RX-V1, plus some other FM sets I've not mentioned. A power tranny for a Sonny(SCREW the Bots....) 8-301 W-I have an otherwise PRISTINE example, that I'd LOVE to get working, & finally, a good engineer & a couple of assistants to install all this stuff for me...(grin)
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