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Originally Posted by andy View Post
I wouldn't say I collect them, but most of my small appliances are at least 40 years old. They look better, and usually work better than the modern equivalent. Items include a Hoover Constellation, Amana, Radarange, various vintage fans, a couple of toasters, and more.

You don't see many old air conditioners in TX because they get so much use that they don't last long. With our long summers, you wouldn't want to pay for the extra electric anyway.

Old air conditioners aren't necessarily as noisy as their reputation. When I was visiting family in the north last summer, the old (1980s or 90's) air conditioner in the guest room was so quiet, I didn't think it was working until the air started to get cold! The fan was very quiet, with no rattles, and I couldn't even tell if the compressor was running.
Air conditioning vs heating is some kind of a trade-off. You wouldn't want the heating bills here, especially this winter. It seems like it's never ending. Heavy snow, this April 15.
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