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Manual disables the remote, Automatic enables the remote. It is a fail safe insace a relay sticks, and it also allows power savings on vacations, etc.

It was not uncommon for Zenith to shuffle the remote rods arround or use different ones on different years/models. Do any of the remote buttons activate any relays on the set?

I generally troubleshoot remotes by plugging in the set's mike to a scope to confirm the mike works. Then I try to follow that signal through the remote chassis with the scope. I often use an audio generator that can go up to 20-30KHz to replace the mike while signal tracing....You can also dial the signal gen around to see if the relays work, but happen to be tuned to different freqs. If it works on different freqs you can compare them to the ones in the hand unit and see which functions on the set best match the rods and tune those functions to those rods (and later reshuffle the rods the buttons operate so that the labels match).

The fine tuning mech in your tuner may need work.
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