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Originally Posted by Zenith6S321 View Post
Its a 20 Watt.

I've replaced all the bees, and it is close to completion. The picture is pretty much at the 'don't need to mess with it no more outside of control tweaks' threshold, but the color does not synch through as much of the fine tuning range as I feel it should so I'm going to test the chroma tubes (and all the other tubes while I'm at it).

There is one defect I'm not sure how to address. Namely the tuner seems to have a blown balun. On it's stock tuner I can get my agile modulator without any thing hooked to the antenna terminals very clearly, but I can barely tune in a DTV box properly connected to the antenna terminals.

This led me to a fascinating discovery...I wanted to try another tuner, since I seemed to recall a similar tuner in my junk tuner box, and after some digging I found what looks like a factory correct UHF VHF tuner combo with space command, and bezel!

Part of me wonders if it is for a later model though since the UHF tuner does not use a tube like the chart indicates, and the bezel is a different color and font wise from what is on it.

There is a part of me that is considering getting the space command parts and retrofitting it to use those tuners....
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