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Originally Posted by miniman82 View Post
Great scroe Tom, can't wait to see it light up!
Thanks, I'm looking forward to working on it. From what I seem to recall reading about Sylvania CRTs this set having one is either very good or very bad....IIRC folks here have said that Sylvie CRTs look really awesome when they work, but were not long lived...At least in the rectangular era. I plan to test the CRT and then see what it does on a variac...I've had older stock Zeniths wake up working good so it is worth a try. Depending on what other personal projects I find on my plate during break week I may or may not try to give it a full service once it is home. If not there is always spring break or summer to work on it.

Garry, I do have some tube stereo gear I'd consider trading. I'll try to PM you back with some pictures in the next week or two.
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