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Originally Posted by Electronic M View Post
You traded a fine example of Zenith's first production consumer color chassis...I probably would have kept it if I was in your shoes, but then again my love of Zenith products is such that I save Zeniths newer than some sets I'd leave on the curb.
I did, but it needed a CRT and other things.. It was one of those things that got to be too much.. I must have sunk $800 into it between buying and shipping from Harry Poster, to getting a CRT, that ended up breaking during Greyhound shipping, which took over a year to get money back out of them.. And at least I was able to get more out of them than what I paid between buying the CRT and shipping.. So at least I got some of my money back out of it.. And after all that.. It had to go.. Lost it's charm due to what I went through.. But I think Zenith stuff is much better than RCA, and I do plan on getting another Zenith Roundie or two...
Looking for an all tube or hybrid color TV set from the late 1960s, early 1970s that's in a steal cabinet..
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