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Originally Posted by oldtvman View Post
I still say the entire tv development scenario would make a great Ken Burns series on PB S. Starting the Philo Farnsworth getting screwed by Gen. Sarnoff. and then the huge battle for color pitting two of the giants William S. Paley vs. Gen David Sarnoff. And neither of them were ready to back down from the fight. Sarnoff won because of the sheer amount of assets at his disposal.
Would be interesting, then again 25 years ago, Ken Burns did a PBS program "Empire of the Air" about Lee DeForest, Edwin Howard Armstrong and David Sarnoff about radio. Come to think of it, like Farnsworth, as we all know, Sarnoff screwed Armstrong too. Too bad Farnsworth and Armstrong didn't get together and doubleteam Sarnoff but Sarnoff was so powerful, it might not have mattered.

I think the best irony of it all happened on 9/11 in 2001 is when the World Trade Center was attacked and the buildings fell down, WNBC-TV, a product of David Sarnoff, had to put up an emergency antenna and transmitter at Armstrong's FM tower at the Palisades in New Jersey. I could see both of them somewhere in the Afterlife where Armstrong says to Sarnoff, "looks like you do need MY help now!" :p Looks like Armstrong got the last word finally.
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