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Originally Posted by Findm-Keepm View Post
Toyomenka made the set. Big electronics firm in that era - made a lot of domestic Japanese stuff, and had a US HQ in Secaucus NJ. While the TMK stuff was sold by lesser discount stores (Ames, Bradlees, Kmart, TG&Y, etc), they were a presence in audio as well, making some Phone/Cassette/Radio units also sold at discount stores under various store or other names. Their imports started in the 1960s, as promotions with airlines that introduced travel and routes to Tokyo via CONUS airports. Some magazine ads are still around with the "get this transistor all band radio free when you book a flight" kind of thing. While not mentioned by brand name, the radio is a Toyo or TMK radio.

Toyomenka along the way became a spin off of Toyota's electronics and raw materials arm. They originally were and arm of Sanyo.

Orion, like Clinton, NEC and Hitachi, sold CRTs to everyone. Even RCA used one in their little 5" BW radio/TV/Clock sets of the late 1970s. We had one in for service once - under the RCA label was the UL/import clearance label with the Orion name.

EDIT: Up until a few months ago, I had a similar TMK chassis. It was a dropped set, and broke the plastic surrounding the CRT face and dislodged the shadow mask. I salvaged a few parts with a soldering iron and tossed the chassis.
Wow.Thats some info I did not know about TMK. Unisonic sets used a Orion CRTs.I know my 3 inch set has one .I cant remember if the 2 inch set has.

Originally Posted by Eric H View Post
It's a model 750C with a build date of April 1981.
Thanks.The 755 is the younger brother.I think I have a TMK VCR somewhere around here and some VCR manuals that were discarded from the shop years ago.I cant recall if they were any good or who make them for TMK.
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