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Originally Posted by Eric H View Post
Picked up this 1981 TMK set last weekend, don't ask me why, felt sorry for it I guess.

It came with it's original box but not all the packing, the 12v car cord is there along with the ac cord, it's pretty clean cosmetically but needs a good cleaning with some 409.

It had some massively corroded D cells still in it, they didn't do much damage though, just a little corrosion on a couple of the contact springs.

The CRT may be shot, it's tracking heavily green, it may adjust out or it may not, I have to remove the back to find out.

It took several minutes of running before the horizontal and vertical would lock in, probably some caps needed to reform but it seems pretty stable now, it just looks really sick because of the green cast.

If the CRT won't track it'll be going back to the Thrift Store, it may go back anyway because I don't really need it, want it, or have room for it, but I just like to tinker with this stuff sometimes.
The fumes from the corroding d cells, might have affected the settings on the CRT board. Take it apart for S&G's and look. If you can't correct it, then returns it.
Most thrifts around here sold those things for a buck or two!
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