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Originally Posted by centralradio View Post
Yes .Those old cassette portables did a nice job then or even now.I've use a cheaper model Sony for years before I got the MD for live stuff.No more tape flipping and batteries quitting during recording.I was shocked"Pun Intended" with the battery life with the R900 when I got it.The R900 came with the single AA clip on battery pack which is a life saver when I was using it for a long recordings.

Thats a good question on blank metal tape.I cant remember the last time I picked up metal tapes.The best bet is check over at AudioKarma on that and see who still sells them..
Yes, tape flipping. That's why I bought the MD with a mic input. I record live organ concerts, classic and unit orchestra (theatre organ) and my friend's 3 manual 25 rank Wurlitzer when he has an artist come to his home to play "The Monster in the House". It works out well, as I use both recorders with one mic, looping through one to the other. My MD now needs a battery, so I'm on the hunt. I'll check out what others have to say about that. Thanks for the continued post!
Oh , about metal tapes. The last time I purchased some was for a trip to the Atlanta FOX theatre in 2006.

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