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Originally Posted by stromberg6 View Post
I have a Sony MZ-NH1, and it does make very good recordings. BUT my Sony WMD-6C with metal tape makes better recordings with amazing dynamic range and NO noise using Dolby C. Problem is nobody is making metal tape now, dam it. Still, Sony's MD format is a great medium for live recording, and is small enough to "sneak" into concert venues where other, more bulky devices might be detected. Gotta use those microphone glasses!
Yes .Those old cassette portables did a nice job then or even now.I've use a cheaper model Sony for years before I got the MD for live stuff.No more tape flipping and batteries quitting during recording.I was shocked"Pun Intended" with the battery life with the R900 when I got it.The R900 came with the single AA clip on battery pack which is a life saver when I was using it for a long recordings.

Thats a good question on blank metal tape.I cant remember the last time I picked up metal tapes.The best bet is check over at AudioKarma on that and see who still sells them..
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