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FS: 1969 14" Zenith A3520 (Chas. 12A10C15) WORKING!


This is an early hybrid Zenith 14' color television from mid to late 1969,
immediately after Zenith began using plastic cabinets. It uses the 12A10C15 chassis and 15ACP22 CRT. Long story short, I rescued this set from the brink of death at an electronic waste dump, in a non-working state. It was first listed for sale here on the basis that I knew nothing about getting it working again. With the much-needed encouragement and help of this forum I was able to diagnose the issue causing HV arcing, and this set sprung back to life. But, as a college student in a tiny dorm starved for space and dealing and other life and academic priorities, I can't hang on to this set forever.

I hope that whoever buys this can continue the work I started and will be assisted by the second thread I made about this TV, documenting my repair process. Warning: pretty long read, but well worth a look. Lots of other photos included in that thread as well.
  • Brand new HV rectifier cup installed to fix arcing caused by pinholes in previous cup.
  • The picture leaves a bit to be desired. Very blurry, and although blurriness is natural with low focus voltage sets like these, it's especially, really blurry due to wrong focus setting and/or possibly low high voltage. But, certainly amendable with the right equipment.
  • CRT in good shape as far as I can tell. Only one tiny and insignificant scratch in the middle. I don't have a tester on hand, but it's reasonably bright, cataract-free, all colors work, and shows no signs of gas.
  • All tubes are original and working. However, the 6U10 horizontal oscillator is on it's last legs and nearly all of its getter is gone. Cheap replacement, or you already have a spare.
  • I've dusted the heck out of the chassis. HV cage is especially clean. Not spotless, but should definitely weed out any dust-related arcing.
  • All pots work. No scratchiness.
  • UHF dial number lights up, but not VHF. They're both supposed to light up, I believe.

Outside pics, before it worked.
Chassis cleanup progress.
First successful power-on.
More action pics after some adjustment.

$50 OBO. For courtesy's sake I'll lower it quite a bit accounting for gas money as I'm sure it'll be a long trip for many of you.
I am located in Normal, IL, on ISU campus. Please PM me if you are interested.

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