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Originally Posted by ghjkl67 View Post
The TV works fine with a cable box, it just looks bad with a VCR. I have a Radio Shack Archer video stabilizer, the ones with four knobs that you can find on Ebay most of the time. It has a coax output, so I think it has a built in RF modulator. Some time this week, I will give it a try.
My old hybrid Zenith 14A9C50, as well a my earlier model RCA's flag wave, when playing back a VCR tape. It seems all the manufacturers addressed this problem in the later 70's. It isn't only the copy protected tapes, but the ones recorded for time shifting.
IIRC, the only early model sets that didn't do this were the pre-1978 Sony's and Panasonic's
They had plans to sell us VCR's a little later on.
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