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CTC 10 Monticello find

I got a call from a friend Sunday who spotted this set on CL earlier that morning and thought I might be interested. I phoned and scheduled a trip about 25 miles from my home to take a look. It’s a CTC 10 “Monticello”. The 21CYP22 is a Colorama that checks strong. The flyback looks good. I’ll power it up after I pull the chassis for a good look at everything and put in new filters.

The female seller bought it at an estate auction a couple months ago and just listed it late Saturday night. She added that the cord had been cut off so she removed the back cover and connected a cheater cord from an old Zenith table radio “to see the tubes light up-then the screen lit up with lots of colored snow”. I was assured it wasn't left on long because of warning information found on the net.

The cabinet is in nice shape except for some scratches and rubs in the finish here and there. It has the three speaker sound system and lots of room inside the cabinet. I saw it on Ed Reitan’s site and it appears to be the first model in the Early American Maple style cabinet. Later models I’ve seen in this style took on smaller cabinet dimensions as this jewel is huge. It measures 42”wide, 24” deep and 34” tall. It sure didn’t look that big in the CL photo….although I didn’t have the room I couldn’t pass it up. The seller seemed educated about the set but also wanted it out of her living room. I was only too happy to help. The photos are of the set right after unloading it into the garage.

How are these sets on flybacks? I've found no tags that might indicate dates of previous service anywhere on the set and don't know how to interpret date codes to tell the date of CRT. It looks to have had several tubes and the 2 mfd electrolytic on the video amp board replaced at some point.
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