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My first Color I watched was in 1965, one year old toddler with an infected hip socket and bursa. 1963 Zenith Roundie leftover. Bonanza on WATE 6. Then followed WBIR-TV 10 (CBS) and WTVK 26 (ABC) from Knoxville, TN. By 1968, I had my own Magnavox roundie color combo (also had external 8 track) and a 1965 leftover. Same bum hip, Magnavox dealer owner wondering where Kent was, mom and grandmother explained. Could not bear weight. Mrs. Hitch came and visited. Next day TOTL Magnavox Stereo Theater was delivered, installed in my bedroom with better antenna. had over 100 new LP discs, 200 45 singles, and 50 new Stereo 8 tracks to keep me from going bonkers. And I got more each week delivered to me. Had FM and TV, was entertained and grinned. The Hitch family and i were friends. They kept me focused on walking, on being my best, and keeping motivated. We stayed close. And me being 4 years old and a gimpy music and life loving preemie kiddo. They, my mother and grandmother, and their fiercelessness belief in me, made me who I am today. I never forget those who helped me along.

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