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KCS160 RCA b/w portable(mom and dad had one when I was a baby and early childhood)

A specific model Montgomery Wards 1950s Hi Fi console w/ VM changer,Mahogany in color,gray speaker cloth,record compartment on right.
(A long shot I'm sure as I have no idea what model but if I saw it I would instantly recognize it as my mom's hifi from her teenage years until I was 8 yrs old)

so if anybody has a Montgomery Wards Hifi send me pictures.I'll even pay to have the right one shipped.Send sams folder pictures too. It will help me identify it and I'll buy the Sams if that's it.Watching my aunt work on that unit sparked my interest in electronics and my mom's many hours of playing it got me interested in music.

Unfortunately 1 of the reasons she parted with it was the scratches from me walking on it in my baby shoes as a baby. I didn't know any better back then I guess. If I can find the old picture of me as a small child playing in front of it I'll try to scan it.

And definitely a

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