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I've had a license for 10 years (KB9WAH) but was only active for a couple years after I got it. I just didn't have much of a use for it as there really wasn't anyone I was interested in talking to or anything all that interesting being talked about. I'd just rather use instant messenger programs and chat on the internet with friends that I already know. Back then I thought I'd find the phone patch on the local 2 meter repeater to be useful, but I got a cell phone and that was the end of that. I'm not trying to be negative and bring the thread crashing down, though. I tried it, enjoyed the electronics aspect and the theory and learning all the rules and regulations, but in the end I was just more interested in not giving others the ability to listen in to my conversations, and being a computer guy, I wanted to be involved in the online conversation mediums that most of my friends participated in.
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