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I do have items to go to ETF in some way or another and I want nothing for them;

1. 21FKP22 Sylvania CRT with weak emission for a rebuild core (practice for the heros)
2. 21FBP22 RCA HiLite with a broken neck for rebuild core
3. RCA (CTC4) "director" empty cabinet with no top but a good speaker board, pencil box, shields, tube chart etc (Zenithfan wanted this IIRC)
4. RCA (TC245) 1950 12" console - empty cabinet in great shape, I got this a week after I dumped a 9T246 with a rusty cabinet

I found a Zenith 24NC31 Chassis - Ill get some pics of my Zenith CC parts, Sampson.

Wanted: Back cover for 1966 Sylvania 25" color and a TMA (tuner mounting assembly) for that set
A zenith 21FBP22 or 21FJP22 can be only fair emission.

Wanted: 15DP4/15AP4 for a DuMont Sussex
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