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Wanted: Flyback transformer

I've finished re-capping my Zenith 16C20 chassis (at least the papers and electrolytics), and I'm at a point where I'm starting to suspect my flyback transformer is bad. DC resistance on all pins seems to be spot-on, but I'm getting no output to the HV rectifier (not even from the 1v winding for the heater). Unfortunately, I don't have any equipment other than my multimeter to test the flyback, so I feel like I should just try to find a replacement at this point.

Compatible part numbers are Zenith S-45510 and Triad D-155, according to my Photofact. Please let me know if you have either of these that you'd be willing to give up! Thanks!

EDIT: I forgot, I e-mailed Moyer Electronics a while back and they said they could sell me a Merit HVO-176 as a replacement. In my opinion, they are charging way too much, so I won't be buying from them, but since they thought that one would work, I thought I'd mention the part number.

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