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CTC-5 Westcott VHF fine tuning/channel binding

What should I use to remove the gunk and free up the shafts?

I mentioned this in another thread about modifying a Radio Shack modulator - moving it here to isolate the topic.

I finally got to unmounting the tuner and mounting it in the service position on the back of the chassis. Only disconnection needed is the IF input, and I hope not to have to disconnect soldered wires, so don't want to remove the tuner completely.

My loss of fine tuning was due to running the fine tuning dial cord off the pulleys - seems to be unbroken, maybe stretched - should be an easy fix. I'm happy to report that the concentric shaft and sleeve at the tuner are not binding or broken!

My problem is the concentric VHF channel shaft and VHF fine tuning sleeve up at the knobs are gunked up and binding to each other badly.

What should I use to remove the gunk and free up the shafts?

Keep in mind that if possible I want to do this in my living room and I don't want to remove the tuner to the garage to dunk it or something. I cannot move the whole set there myself either.

Over-all view of tuner in service mount

Knob shafts that bind

Tuner shafts on right do not bind
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