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Originally Posted by MIPS View Post
Almost like clockwork, a complete system appears on ebay.
The price is a the photos help to shed a tiny amount of additional information on the controller:

-The front panel of the controller is quite basic. The remote is not much better, but I wasn't expecting such things as direct frame access or jogging. Perhaps a "hidden feature"?
-The controller also goes by the name "Autochanger Commander". This currently results in several hits for other auctions for controllers not compatible with this unit.
-The controller has Channel 3/4 RF in and out
-The controller supports a "billbox" presumably the devices that accepts money to operate it if necessary. It can be turned off.
-The controller has a control line for the amplifier and its pitch and tone bending abilities.
-There is composite and stereo RCA outputs.
-The controller has the ability to control UP TO FOUR LC-V300 AUTOCHANGERS. IF you were insane enough to have four of them, that means you could cram a library of 288 double sided laserdiscs into your home theater/karaoke bar and never need to touch them.
I'm glad that popped up for you.They got high hopes with that price unless somebody desperate for a system.
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