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Originally Posted by Kamakiri View Post
I got the same post card. Any idea what caps it covers?
I got the same post card and started a thread over on ARF yesterday....

Okaya (film and safety caps)
NEC/Tokin (electros and memory caps)
Nitsuko (NO idea...)

All are sold primarily to OEMS in Asia - hence the price fixing.
I buy all my caps from either DigiKey (free shipping...), Allied (ASC, and in good times, Mallory and Illinois Capacitor axials), and occasionally, CE Distribution (but only during sales, and again, name brand...)

I think they bought a mailing list of subscribers or customers - makes no sense as to why many were on the list.

With the terms/brands, it could also be a phishing attempt to find fraudsters, kinda like the soft drink class action suit back in the early 90s (real) but with 60,000 fraud cases, most not pursued, but those claiming they bought 30 or more cases got litigated....the soda was sold only for export...most didn't read, and saw only $$$$. Dangle the baited hook....
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