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11 tvs for sale

Pick up in Lansing, MI only, NO SHIPPING

from bottom to top, left to right:

2. 1960 Zenith 21" console, basically works, recapped, I remember it took several minutes for the sound to come in as loudly as it should be... I just tried it and the sound came right up - $20

3. 1961 Zenith 23" console, "hi-fi" sound with separate bass and treble controls and 4 speakers, works good, new capacitors, etc... I've watched this one a lot with few problems - $20

4. 1949 Admiral 12" 20B1 console, works, recapped, no back, speaker I have in there works but is the wrong size, there's an iffy tube socket for one of the video IFs, good 12LP4 - $100

5/6. 1956 RCA 8" b/w red cabinet and white cabinet, I got both of these working good, total recap, etc... the red one is missing some of those cardboard pieces that go around the chassis and has an iffy contrast control, both have all the knobs - $60 each

11. 1978 Zenith 9" b/w ss, working, has the antenna, red plastic cabinet - $20

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