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Originally Posted by dieseljeep View Post
I picked up one of those high-class Crosleys. Looks like new and even had the stylus guard on it. Paid a buck or two for it, just for S&G's. It seems like the wrong AC adaptor was included. Very low volume, even with the proper adaptor.
Well that's to be expected with any of these reproduction record players these days, POC Chinese made record players aren't worth the wood and plastic they're made out of, in fact if Mr. Crosley were to see his name being used on those crappy cheap record players I think he'd roll over in his grave, considering Crosley was originally a very good and respectable company that made very decent radios and record players back in the day and even the "cheaper" AA5 designed Crosley radios were still considered a cut above the rest back then because of their cabinet designs and what not.
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