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+1 to what everyone has been saying reguarding a good teardown and relube of the record player.
I have worked on at least 10 record players like this with the changers on them and every single one I worked on I had to completely tear down the record player and then clean off the old grease and then put on new grease and then put the unit back together again and usually the record changer works fine again after that.
I'm probably only a few years older than you (I'm 28 years old) and even I understand after working on these old record changers for 15+ years that they will almost always need the same teardown and relube after 50+ years.
Its kind of like a car, you wouldn't expect a 50+ year old car to run properly with its original motor oil and transmission fluid in the car would ya?
NO you wouldn't you would first change the oil and the transmission fluid and any other lubricants on that 50+ year old car before you drive it or else the car will not run right or even perhaps blow your car up.

Perhaps if you don't have enough patience to overhaul and restore a vintage record player then perhaps records aren't your cup of tea, either that or just buy one of those newfangled Crosleys then you wouldn't have to worry about a sticky changer mechanism or idler tires to go bad.

Just a thought...

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