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Originally Posted by vts1134 View Post
I've started to make some extra money to pay for my growing addiction to antique TVs and my current want list is as follows:
Transvision 7CL
Viewtone VP101
Philco 49-502
Majestic 7TV850
If you've got em in good condition and want to get rid of em let me know a price.
My want list out of my price range would be an RCA TT5 and an RCA TRK12/120. If you have them and are fire selling em at a price that you should have your head examined for selling so low, well let me know that to :-).
I've purchased but not yet received my 621ts, and I'm currently chasing a 630tcs close to me, so cross them off. I'd still really like a Majestic 7TV850, does any one have a picture of one of these? Even if you are not selling it I'd love to see even a picture of your set. I'd also like to update my wants to include ANY Viewtone and ANY Transvision. The 621 set me back a good portion of my savings, and the 630 will take care of the rest, so it might be few months before a Viewtone or Transvision is in my budget, but it's on my list non the less.
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