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Philco 7053 CRT Checkers

I have two Philco 7053 CRT checkers, in which I’ve replaced the usual passive components, cleaned the pots and switches, and provided good NE45 indicator bulbs. They should work.

I’ve used both instruments to check a 7JP4 and a 12LP4. The cathode-heater and cathode-grid short tests show “no short” as expected for both CRTS.

However, the “beam current test” (I have no clue how this works) gives a zero result--no neon glow at all--for both instruments on both CRTs. So, there are four possibilities:
(1) Both CRTs don’t work or
(2) Both test instruments don’t work or
(3) Both CRTs and both test instruments don't work or
(4)These old tubes, even with some life left in them, shouldn’t be expected to register any result.

What do you think?
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