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Ok if the servo is stable when you press the tape on the control head that narrows it down quickly to head/tape issue. Take the tape out, release the tape door lock and flip the door up. Is the bottom of the tape creased/furled in any way? If it is the tape is now junk and the problem could be what's called the P5 arm if this model has it. Is there a small arm that comes out to the right of the capstan, between the capstan and where the tape goes back in the cassette? Does it look bent at all? This will cause tape curling. Look with a magnifier at the audio/control head. Is there any kind of wear groove at the bottom of the control head? Then the head is shot. If there is a groove, you can try lowering the height of the head slightly so the groove is a mm or two below the tape. I didn't read back far enough to what kind of pinch roller issue you have. Back when I was doing service those were pretty hardy and didn't cause problems except cleaning . Now I remember some would deteriorate and leave rubber on the capstan which I would scrape off with my fingernails and cleaner. I think the Mitsubishi ones I had to replace but not this brand. Larry G
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