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[QUOTE=dtvmcdonald;3197145]Where am I "coming from"?

I'm from Champaign IL in Concast land, at $200 per month ... but not for much longer./QUOTE]

Just out of curiosity, where will you get your TV service if you drop Comcast? Are you in a part of Champaign, Illinois that gets half-decent or better reception of the area's local channels? If so, your decision to drop cable and become a "cord cutter" is a good idea, but if one or more local stations are "iffy" or just plain do not reach you with an antenna, then I would stay with Comcast. I would check to see if they have a lower-priced package than what you presently subscribe to; most cable operators do offer several different tiers of service, the lowest-priced of which will deliver local channels only. Another alternative would be YouTube TV, if such is available in your area; I think it is available in the Chicago area, but I'm not sure about central or southern Illinois. I live in northeastern Ohio and have Spectrum (formerly Time Warner Cable) streaming TV service, which delivers local channels plus up to ten additional ones (I have seven such channels to date on my service). I don't know if Spectrum is available in your area, but I'd look into it. If it is available in Chicago and environs it is probably also available elsewhere in your state.
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